Air-conditional Tank Malaysia

Air-conditional Tank Malaysia

Reliance Pacific Tanks Sdn Bhd, established in 1997 is a prominent leader in the manufacturing and servicing of water tanks for the thriving construction industry in Malaysia. Our success is attributed to a strong workforce of 60 dedicated personnel and to date, we have extended our services to as many as 800 construction firms, both large and small.

The Company has grown from strength to strength and has gained a solid reputation for high-quality products. We recognize the importance of building and maintaining good business relationships and will continue to provide exceptional services to our clients. With the implementation of the Business Development Program, we are confident that our promises will be delivered to the rest of the world. Hence, it’s one of the Air-conditional Tank Malaysia services that can be used by all people out there.

Other products include:

Air-conditional Tank Malaysia is hot pressed Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic water tank were first introduced in the early 1970′s and delivered plentiful advantages over other types of tanks used nowadays, Reliance Pacific Tanks giving the ideal system for storing clean drinking water in all extremes of the worksite. As we all know, which nonetheless deserves emphasizing, that water is fundamental to our daily lives, whether it is for drinking, cooking, washing or cleaning, or for industrial and commercial requirements. The management and conservation of supplies become ever more critical, with growing demand year by year, while the highest standards of purity of the delivered products are eternal.

Other than that, the Air-conditional Tank Malaysia is one of the services that can be used which it is conserves water to the highest quality standards serving the needs of private residences, accommodation complexes, hospitals, hotels and offices, as well as industrial, municipal and irrigation projects where large-scale water storage is required.