Chakra Catering Services

We have customized sanitation and food hygiene program to ensure a high standard or cleanliness maintained (HACCP, TQM)

To embark and spearhead our projects, we have set up a R&D Department to implement various motivations, latest food technology, cook-chill and sousvide concept, consistency in food preparation with minimum wastage whilst maintaining quality and quantity.

We are morally represented by the following 5 terms:-

1. Reliable :The ability to provide what was promised dependably and accurately
2. Assurance: The knowledge and courtesy of employees and their ability to convey trust and confidence
3. Empathy: The degree of caring and individual attention provided to clients
4. Responsiveness: The willingness to help clients and provide prompt service.
5. Tangibles: The physical facilities and equipment, and the appearance of personnel.

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