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Cambridge English For Life (CEFL) offers quality business English certificates and courses. They are Business English Certificate (BEC) , Business English Communication Skills , Conversational English , General English Proficiency (GEP) , Intensive English Programme (IEP) , English for Nursing , Corporate Consultancy Services

The Cambridge English: Business Certificates (BEC) are internationally recognised qualifications that demonstrate to employers what practical language skills learners have for using English in professional contexts for work, whether it is industry, business or government.

The Business English Communications Skills programme is designed for adult learners who wish to improve their English language communication skills and are either about to start work or are already working. The programme is suitable for learners who are at pre-intermediate to intermediate levels of proficiency. It begins with a diagnostic assessment of learners’ existing knowledge, command, and business language usage.

The Conversational English course is designed to help learners develop their communicative ability in English, and is available at two levels, with each level being taught over 20 weeks. The course provides learners with plenty opportunities to practise all four skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing – as well as vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. The topics have been strategically chosen to provide learners with thematically-linked situations to practise English for daily use. In each unit of the course text, learners are given opportunities to read, listen to and use the target language in simulated settings.

The Intensive English Programme is a modular English course at two levels of proficiency – Elementary and Pre-Intermediate – designed to prepare learners for higher academic studies and professional work in English. The course is flexible offering learners a choice of modules and course duration*.

The English for Nursing programme is designed to help learners develop, enhance and refine their language knowledge and communication skills in the context of the nursing profession.


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