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“Discover The New Micro Focus” Workshop at The Smoke House, The Majestic Hotel

Software Dynamics (SDM), together with Mirco Focus (MF) hosted an exclusive workshop at the The Smoke House, The Majestic Hotel, KL on 18 January 2018.

Themed “Discover The New Micro Focus”, the event aimed to share The New Combined Company on the merger of Micro Focus PLC with HP Enterprise’s software division. It also focuses on understanding the impact of DevOps within an organization, on how transformation has to happen with people, process and tools within an organization.

The half-day workshop was packed with featured presentations and demonstrations on MF and SDM’s latest developments.

The event started with Mr. Frank Lee, General Manager of SDM addressing the addresses at 4.15pm continued with our first presenter, Mr. Ong Tee Kok, Country Manager-Identity, Access & Security of MF who highlighted MF’s primary focus and continuous commitment to service its customers in ensuring providing high quality products to their customers that can rely on.

The workshop continued with the key speaker, Mr. Irvin Ho, Regional Account Director of MF, who spoke on the “The Secured DevOps”. Ho emphasized on security practices integrated into the entire software delivery cycle and also helps attendees to understand the benefits that a DevOps approach could have for their own organizations.

Right after the tea break, the workshop continued with Mr. Ling KK, President of SDM presenting “An Event with Veteran Leader”, emphasizing on the advantages of DevOps and the power of DevOps in bringing cross-functional teams together to provide value faster than before.

The height of the workshop was the LIVE Demo presented by our SDM’s team, showcasing a developer implementing a development change set based on an enhancement request.

The event ended with a networking dinner at the private dinning room.

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