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Promote us & get Paid!

What is Affiliate Plan?
You promote our website to your friends via blog/fb/instagram/twitter or etc.
When your friends place order with us & already banked in, then u will get 6% commission out of the sale amount.

How A FASHION STORY traces that my friends order from you?
When you join our affiliate plan, you will be assigned a unique ID.
We will then give u a website link (include your unique ID) , so that when your friends clicked on this link, we know the orders are coming from you.

What is the difference between Affiliate Plan and Dropship/Reseller plan?
Dropship plan
– More suitable for blogshop owners & wish to sell the items under their brand/shop name.
– Need to collect order/payment & coordinate with customers. We only help in delivering the parcel to your customers.

Affiliate plan
– More suitable for those who has a lot of Fb friends/instagram follows/social connections.
– You don’t have to do order processing, collect payment or communicate with customers.
– You just have to put a banner/link in your blog , facebook, instagram & direct your friends to shop at our store & wait to get paid.

Wholesale plan
– you directly buy the items from us & enjoy 35% wholesale discount.
– More info about wholesale, click HERE.

How much is the sale commission?
Commission rate is 6% of sale amount (excluding postage & discount).

How & When can I get my commission?
1. We make commission payment before 5th of every month.
2. The minimum payout is RM30. So if ur current month commission is RM5, we will accumulate it until it reaches the minimum payout. Once reached minimum payout, we will make payment to you by 5th of every month
3. We only bank in to your bank account, only these 3 banks we accept for commission payment (public bank, maybank or cimb bank)

How to apply?
What are the steps?
1. Create an account with us
2. Go to your account & click “Sign me up today”
3. Fill in the details & wait for our approval.
4. We’ll email you once your application is approved.
5. You can start promoting our website once your application is approved. All the marketing tools are available in “Affiliate Marketing Tool” in your account.

Note : You must remember to log into “Affiliate Marketing Tool” to get your url to promote, otherwise we would not be able to trace your commission.

Where can you promote us?
1. You can promote us anywhere (via fb, twitter, instagram, tumblr, blog post or etc)
2. When your affiliate status is being approved by us, we will give you the marketing tools you need including :
i. Banner with different sizes
ii. Our web url (which already include your unique ID)
3. Suggestions :
a. You can use any of our company product that you think your friend likes, then you put our company link (with ur unique ID) to promote it. Normally it works extremely well if you know what your friends like.
b. Shop with us & blog about your experience online, together with photos 🙂
c. You can be as creative as you want. But most importantly, you must remember to put your own unique ID link provided so that we can trace the customers come from you.

1. We reserve the right to make changes to your affiliate status when find out that the membership status is being abused.
2. We reserve the right to make any changes to the affiliate plan without prior notice.


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