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Finding an affordable with quality window film in Asia as well as international window film manufacturer?
Totalgard has been the well-known quality window film manufacturer and distributor internationally and well awarded. Totalgard has been an icon for its ability to offer customer demands with quality products using top-notch quality polyesters which fits along with an apical standard of customer service quality window films. Totalgard has 6 types of window film series that will suit your desired requisite such as, Infusion Series, GTO Series, NID Series, PIM Series, UV400++ Series and Multilayer Series.

Finding your right window film manufacturer in Asia – Totalgard is an international window film manufacturer and distributor that has nano ceramic film in Malaysia that is suitable for commercial, automotive and residential applications. Getting an affordable window film like nano ceramic film, tint window film or dyed film and more that is

Totalgard window film distributor and manufacturer is built to supply the best benefits in:

  • Reducing heat glare – protecting you from direct sunlight.
  • Safeguard property and individual – Safety and security window films are manufacturer with shock proof materials and prevents glass from shattering, thus guarding the property and individual.
  • Obstruct harmful ultraviolet rays – blocks up to 100% ultraviolet rays which can cause skin damage.
  • Prevent fading of interior furnishing and fabrics
  • Improve driving comfort, style and privacy – window tinted films provide you with required privacy along with an exquisite look.

Totalgard was awarded with Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand in 2011, Asia Pacific Top Excellence 2012, ISO 9001:2015 in year 2012 by BM TRADE and UKAS Management Systems, ISO 14001:2004 in 2018 by BM TRADE and UKAS Management Systems, Asia Pacific Super Health Brand in 2012 and Skin Cancer Foundation in 2011 as a symbol of safe and effective sun protection recognized by consumers worldwide.


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