List of The Best 5 Wholesale Platforms In Malaysia

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Searching for a good wholesale website that serves in Malaysia via the internet would give most people an overwhelming result. However, with the convenience and savings, it can bring for commerce, running a retail business certainly would enable to see wholesale distributors as one key necessity. Basically, retailers who stock their products wholesale, order items in great quantities from other businesses.


ATKC eWarehouse


ATKC e-Commerce Warehouse is special for businesses that deal with hardware materials and equipment. ATKC e-Commerce Warehouse is one wholesale website that is full of personnel who are eager to achieve the mission in making it Malaysia’s largest home improvement online store by offering a wide array of hardware and building materials and equipment and by serving wholesale, retail, commercial projects and residential.

ATKC eWarehouse can bring clients an assortment of building materials, paints, electrical, hardware, bathroom, kitchen and garden. With more than 20,000 items such as construction, building and home improvement related services. Clients located in selected areas can receive a free delivery and ATKC eWarehouse can bring the orders in just 3 to 5 working days.


Soon Lee Seng Trading Company


Most people running a business that is mainly for selling toy and gift products. The Soon Lee Seng Trading Company (SLSTOYS) is one known company that vends a wide variety of toy products in Malaysia’s local market including board games, educational toys, electronic toys, hot-selling toys, bricks and blocks, sports indoor and outdoor accessories and baby or toddler toys via SLSTOYS outlet or online store.

With over 40 years of experience in the industry and effort in importing high-demand and special toys, the SLSTOYS has been trusted by a lot of local toy retailers in Malaysia. Even the famous toy brands in Malaysia such as BKK Deformation, Sembo Blocks, Hexagon, Qman Bricks and Blocks and LOZ Mini Block have been trusting the service of SLSTOYS which could indicate the SLSTOYS company’s competency in the industry.


Bulky Wholesale

Bulky is a wholesale website that helps Malaysians experience convenient and trouble-free one-stop grocery shopping even inside their homes. With Bulky online grocery store, everyone can now buy items that are usually found in a physical grocery store such as essentials and household products but customers can save a lot once they buy the items in bulk.

Bulky solely practice the No Counterfeit Product policy whereas Bulky get their products only from an authorized dealer, supplier and direct factory which can ensure shoppers a fresh and quality condition grocery items. Bulky shoppers can enjoy a free delivery once their orders have reached RM 70. Additionally, Bulky shoppers in Malaysia can receive their groceries within 48 hours.


Well Stationery Mart


Well Stationery Mart provides varies wholesale items from school tasks to office work and many other applications which stationery materials can be very beneficial. Stationery Mart Sdn Bhd provides a wide variety of high-demand stationeries in the country ever since 1996 which makes them one of the best wholesalers for stationeries and office supplies in Malaysia.

Well Stationery vends a huge array of stationery products including craft materials, cash boxes, calculators, and fasteners. Some of its are sourced from well- known brands such as Casio, Canon, Buncho and KW-TRIO. Thus, shoppers can ensure quality office supplies and stationery materials from Well Stationery. Furthermore, Well Stationery shoppers located within Peninsular Malaysia can enjoy free shipping once the orders have reached over RM 250.



The Malaysian culture when it comes to fashion is clearly unique from the rest of the
South East Asian Countries. Considering that the fashion industry in Malaysia is also experiencing growth, there’s no surprise that fashion sellers and buyers are being in search of good fashion wholesale websites. EZYTRED which is dubbed as Malaysia’s larges wholesale fashion clothing distributor, is a wholesale website owned by AppAsia Berhad-one of Malaysia’s best publicly traded mobile content.

Knowing that Malaysian fashion has a distinctive tradition and elements, EZYTRED is one perfect fashion wholesale website in Malaysia as it mainly offers quality Muslimah wear composed of quality design and fabric. EZYTRED vends a great variety of styles including the trending Japanese, Taiwan and Korean fashion items.
With the well-trained operation team, the EZYTRED can deliver your orders that are
confirmed on the same day.


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