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Conceived as a priceless piece of living art, Elysia Park Residence, Medini Investment serves a life of luxury and convenience on a silver platter, in the heart of Medini, Iskandar. Rising high on a plot of verdant freehold land, these modern parkfront residences exude an aura of majestic beauty, punctuating your life with a sense of stylish sophistication

Happily ever after is easy in the Elysian Park,Medini Nusajaya Malaysia. A dip in the pool, a book under a tree, a relaxing chat with neighbours and friends as a gentle breeze rustles through the trees.An alchemical blend of elements, each perfectly poised in place, results in a holistic and wholesome space where the mind is at peace, the body is at rest, and the soul is free.

Swathes of luxuriant greenery can be found in Elysia Park Residence,Medini Johor even though it rises 44 levels into the sky. The facilities podium located on the 9th floor is peppered with staggered planter boxes to form an oasis of peace, a majestic garden for your leisure.

Elysia Park Residence, Medini Property is the culmination of better things that make for a better life. Larger-than-life elements elevate your senses and enhances your mood, and choices abound no matter your pleasures and your passions. Always stylish, always in fashion, Elysia Park Residence is always making a bold statement.


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