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Welcome to Esgesee!
Fashion, style, and elegance, all of them are synonymous with each other. Japanese and Korean Fashion has always defined itself uniquely, it continues to reinvent itself and set an outstanding example. We founded Esgesee as a Malaysia online fashion wholesale company, featuring a wide range of top-of-the-line ladies wear so that Korean Fashion can be worn and enjoyed by all.

Quality & Customer Service
The fashion trends of Korea have not only inspired the nation, but have taken over the world. The demand for Korean apparel has undergone a surge and keeps on increasing. You might ask, “Why should I purchase Koren fashion style from Esgesee?” You should come on board with us, as our expert team makes sure you receive clothing and accessories of the finest quality without problems like torn clothes, faded colors, or pants with holes in them! We also have wide range of latest Korean fashion long sleeve t-shirt for all women sizes. We have successfully established ourselves as one of the top dealers in online fashion because of our excellent customer service.

Affordability for All
We have a vast network with some of the top retail outlets and Korean Fashion wholesale companies in Malaysia and our reach is expanding with each passing year. Affordability is a key factor at Esgesee, whether customers buy cardigans, blazers, dresses, pants, jumpsuits, special lingerie, underwear, tops or t-shirts, we ensure that prices are reasonable and it doesn’t burn a hole in one’s pocket.

We Guarantee Timely Delivery
We have a wholesaler drop-ship service and prepaid system for retailers. Please take a look at our ordering procedure and shipping rates. We try to process your orders in the shortest time possible. We provide you with a tracking number for keeping tabs on your shipment and we deliver within a designated deadline since we don’t have a pre-order system. Each and every product is in stock when listed on our website so there is no issue regarding availability. We look forward to a long and fulfilling partnership based on trust, we guarantee you will not be disappointed.


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