The Best 3 Suppliers and Sourcing Companies in Malaysia

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Sourcing which also known as procurement, is the method of finding and choosing supplier or individuals based on predetermined criteria. Sourcing in business for a variety of reasons and in many diverse locations. Supply chain management is one of the most common applications of sourcing. 


Monarch Asia



Monarch Asia is a sourcing and logistics company specialized in the home furnishings industry. With fully staffed quality control offices in Malaysia, Taiwan, and China and a catalog of over 1,500 unique furniture products, the company provides full-service direct container programs for case goods, upholstery, and home decor.

Headquartered in Malaysia, Monarch Asia partners with multiple factories across Asia to provide flexibility and product development options for its international customers. Some of the main products of Monarch Asia are accent tables and chairs, barstools, office desks and chairs and coffee tables and console tables. While some of services at this company are supplier sourcing, quality control and manufacturing services.





Founded in 2003, GenuineProducts.Asia is a sourcing company specialized in cosmetics and hygiene products based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They have partnered with Nature’s Power, Pure Innovation, Diem Duroil, and many more famous brands. Genuine Products.Asia also manages production from start to end – from designing formulation for products, sourcing raw materials, packaging to dealing with product compliances.

GenuineProducts.Asia are also actively selling products both B2B and B2C on Alibaba, Amazon, and Lazada. Some of the main products of GenuineProducts.Asia are cosmetics, anti-aging serum, skin creams, intimate wash and services. While some of services at this company are sourcing, brand protection, formula development and production.



ALH Global Group



ALH Global Group is a sourcing company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. ALH Global Group provide extensive service to customers based in Croatia, Fiji, Seychelles and Maldives. ALH established a relationship with a large network of factories as well as other procurement companies. Moreover, ALH Global Group also help clients to manage social compliance and safety requirements.

Other than that, ALH Global Group also covers a vast range of products, from electronics and pool equipment to massage oils. Some of the main products of ALH Global Group are hotel and resort supplies, electronics and spa products. While some of services at this company are supplier sourcing, shipping and customs clearance and social compliance and product safety.


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