The Best 5 Spice Blend Manufacturers Malaysia

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How does the cost of production for Spice Blend Manufacturers Malaysia compare to other countries

Various elements, including the kinds of spices used and the volume of production, might affect the cost of making Spice Blend Manufacturers Malaysia. Malaysia is known for having a lower cost of production than some other nations, especially when it comes to labour prices. This is partly attributable to the presence of a sizable and skilled labour population as well as a supportive business climate. Additionally, Malaysia has a strong agricultural industry that makes it simple to obtain a variety of low-cost raw materials for the production of spices. As a result, many Spice Blend Manufacturers Malaysia are able to produce high-quality goods at affordable pricing, which can be beneficial when exporting to other nations.


What types of spice blends does a typical Spice Blend Manufacturers Malaysia produce

A typical Malaysian Spice Blend Manufacturers Malaysia creates a wide range of spice blends to accommodate various cuisines and recipes. Curry powder, chilli powder, and garam masala are some of the most popular combinations and are used in traditional Malaysian and Indian meals. They also create blends that are utilised in Chinese and Middle Eastern cooking, such as five-spice powder, cumin powder, and coriander powder. Additionally, some producers create specialty blends for things like meat rubs, seafood seasoning, and even desserts. Customers can choose from a variety of flavours and styles since the makers use spices from domestic and foreign sources to create their blends.


List of the Best 5 Spice Blend Manufacturers Malaysia

Supplier NameDescriptionContact NumberUrl
Suntory Food & Beverage Manufacturing Sdn BhdThey are involved in the manufacturing of various food and beverage products, including seasonings and spices.+603-7717 6200
Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn BhdOffers a wide range of spices, herbs, and seasoning blends+603-7882 2399
Golden Land BerhadThey mainly deals with export and import of spices, herbs, and seeds as well as other agricultural commodities. They are headquartered in Malaysia and has a strong reputation in the global market.+603 5611 8844
Gayo AgrifoodsGayo Agri Foods Malaysia has a Wide Range of Seasonings, Spices and Herbs+6017 969 5670
Asean Spice Sdn BhdA spice manufacturer and distributor offering a range of products including curry powder, chili powder, and spice blends.+6012 654 1013


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