The Best 5 Best Chicken Suppliers & Wholesalers

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These are the best chicken suppliers and wholesalers in Malaysia. Supply chain management is one of the key aspects in ensuring that a business runs smoothly.  It is no secret that purchasing the products in bulk from a wholesale supplier is the best and most efficient way to save money. 


Fresh Ayam King


Fresh Ayam King is an online marketplace that connects all end users with local breeding farms and supplying fresh chicken products throughout the entire Klang Valley region. Fresh Ayam King chicken products are all halal certified. At Fresh Ayam King, customers can now buy fresh chicken products online and get the chicken delivered door to door. The products of Fresh Ayam King are Chicken, Halal Soup Paste, Eggs, Herbal Sour Pack (Pork-free) and Sauces.




JSE / ALS FRESH (M) Sdn Bhd is one of the largest wholesale poultry suppliers in Northern Kuala Lumpur. Plus, JSE / ALS FRESH have wide-range poultry products at competitive prices. Established in 2001 JSE / ALS FRESH (M) Sdn Bhd is a family owned and operated business located in Selayang, Selangor. Other than that, JSE / ALS FRESH (M) Sdn Bhd is Northern Kuala Lumpur leading manufacturer, supplier and distributor of quality chicken and all other chicken products from fresh gourmet to frozen. The products of JSE / ALS FRESH are Chicken, Vegetables and Fish.


CP Malaysia


CP Malaysia was established in 1975 and is engaged in the production and marketing of frozen, fresh and ready-to-eat chicken products of exceptional quality. Plus, vertical integration and quality control at every stage of the production process has been the key to CP Malaysia phenomenal success over the years. CP Malaysia local operations in Senawang, Negeri Sembilan employ a result-oriented workforce and utilize only the most efficient farm-to-market rearing, processing and distribution systems available. The products of CP Malaysia are Chicken, Eggs, Snacks, Sausage, Ready Meals, Marinated Chicken, Wonton and Food Services.


Wira Food Trading


Wira Food Trading Sdn Bhd is locally owned Wholesaler and Distribution company. Wira Food Trading management has many years experience in the fields of importing and distributing Frozen Imported Meats and Seafoods. Plus, Wira Food Trading specialize in Customized cutting of Meats according to Customers’ needs for both retail packaging and institution. The products of Wira Food Trading are Meat & Poultry, Cold Cuts, Imported Fish, and High Quality Lobster.


HanKee Processing


In 2009, HanKee Processing Sdn Bhd was founded by the owner Mr. Yew Kong Hung. Prior to the forming of the company, then started the sole proprietor enterprise business for nearly around 20 years by selling whole fresh chicken with a small scale set up in the wet market located at Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur. As of today, HanKee Processing customers are ranging from the small to the medium and to the prominent restaurants and hotels. The products of HanKee Processing are chicken and duck parts.


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