The Top 6 Wholesale Websites In Malaysia

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Most entrepreneur who owns a business, it is no secret that purchasing the products in bulk from a wholesale supplier is the best and most efficient way to save money. And it is how most business owners scale how profitable a business is when they are able to “buy low, sell high”. 

Most people know how expensive bulk buying from a wholesale supplier can get. But is the one where business person can look for wholesale supplier. are determined to have products that matches your price should you need to be on a strict budget.

While retail pricing can range from 50% to 70%, compared to other online sellers, has a lower percentage which is within 30% to 50%. With a direct purchase from manufacturers and factories, this is as good as a deal can get. Apart from food and beverages, have a wide variety of products such as products for pets, baby essentials and beauty and personal care.


GM Klang Wholesale City 

GM Klang Wholesale City is indeed the biggest wholesale mall in Malaysia. A massive wholesale shopping mall and business centre located in Bandar Botanik of Klang Town, it currently has about 2,500 shops. That’s not even its full occupancy rate. Also dubbed as the official travel ambassador of Klang, the mall is divided into 3 blocks: Block A, B and C.

The latter exclusively houses Malaysia’s largest wedding accessory wholesalers. GM Klang’s range of items is vast. GM Klang cover most areas and categories such as home & office supplies, accessories, IT gadgets, gifts & packaging and fashion wear. Plus, GM Klang is a very good place to source the product and also for business person to start up newly business.



Dropee is an online sourcing wholesale platform that offers a variety of supplies for retailers and other wholesalers. At Dropee, sellers can confidently do more business while building a strong customer base at the same time. Founded in 2017 by Lennis Ng and Aizat Rahim, Dropee has about 30,000+ businesses on Dropee and about 100,000+ wholesale products business person can choose from.

Plus, in the past year, Dropee claimed a growth rate of 400% with more than 4000 retail users across Malaysia. As for Dropee product range, chances are Dropee have whatever business person are looking for. Dropee also provides products or items such as cleaning supplies, automotive parts and food and beverages. 


KWC Fashion Wholesale

The KWC Fashion Wholesale is particularly aimed at one category which is about fashion. As the first and largest fashion wholesale mall in Malaysia, KWC Fashion Wholesale has been around since 2011 and hosts more than 800 outlets.  With over 100,000 product types to choose from. The KWC shopping mall caters to a variety of merchandise, especially clothes and lifestyle products for the whole family.

And if someone is looking or shopping for a special occasion or anything wedding related, chances are you can find it there. The mall serves to be a fashion inspiration for any festivities as well as fashion trends for kids and adults alike. The KWC Fashion Wholesale even has monthly articles featuring the latest fashion wear to keep an eye on.


Mobile Wholesale City

Mobile Wholesale City or MWC is the one-stop destination for mobile phone wholesale. From Apple phones to Android tablets, MWC are where everyone should go when it comes to gadgets. Whether it’s just a keyboard replacement or bulk buying iPhones, MWC has a stable customer base around Malaysia. Customers can get wholesale services for Android devices, Samsung tablets and Apple products.

At Mobile Wholesale City, customers also can find accessories replacement or for buying laptops, watches and even do the repair work. Apart from selling wholesale, MWC also does trade-in and reselling for its customers. Either way, MWC is sure to give customers the best deals and the most authentic gadgets without any foul play.


Telekom Malaysia Wholesale

Most people may know the works of Telekom Malaysia as a telecommunications company providing everyone with fixed-line and radio and television broadcasting services. But actually, Telekom Malaysia are more than that. Plus, Telekom Malaysia Wholesale is the global and wholesale arm of Telekom Malaysia Berhad. Telekom Malaysia Wholesale cater for domestic and international wholesale businesses.

Essentially, the business operates to offer customers cutting-edge communication services and solutions for connectivity purposes. The wholesale products and services Telekom Malaysia Wholesale offer to businesses are abundant. This includes backhaul services, voice services, data services, access services, professional services and infra services for businesses.


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