The Top 5 Dropshipping Suppliers In Malaysia

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Dropshipping is becoming more and more popular in Malaysia as online entrepreneurs discover the benefits of running their businesses this way. When specifically looking for a Malaysian dropshipping supplier, the best thing to pay attention to is which supplier offers a product that would like to sell and the integration what we are looking for.



Dropezada is a dropshipping automation tool that will help people dropship to the Shopee and Lazada marketplaces. Dropezada’s website has a bit of a nicer design, but they are pretty much the same in terms of features. The advantages of Dropezada are excellent products, automation features and great product images.

Other than that, Dropezada is designed as a supplier for Shopee and Lazada stores. Dropezada ensures that all of its products come with beautiful product images. Using Dropezada’s integration will unlock features like automatic stock updates, automatic product uploads, and automatic order fulfillment.




SaleHoo is a platform made to connect dropshippers with suppliers. In other words, it’s a supplier directory, which means SaleHoo collects the contact information of dropshipping suppliers worldwide. Plus, SaleHoo offers benefits like accessing client favorite suppliers in one click and communicating with multiple trusted suppliers from the dashboard.

SaleHoo features over 8,000 reliable dropshipping suppliers worldwide. SaleHoo suppliers offer a total of 2,089 products. The advantages of using SaleHoo are vetted suppliers, great customer service and 100% satisfaction guarantee. SaleHoo ensures that all its customers can work with the suppliers in the directory safely and securely.




Kumoten is Malaysia’s largest dropship automation system. Kumoten is a marketplace made for dropshippers where they can buy all kinds of products. Kumoten offer a wide variety of products which from food containers to beauty items. Most of Kumoten’s products are stocked in Malaysian warehouses, but if some people are willing to buy products from overseas warehouses, Kumoten will offer around 50,000 additional products to choose from.

The Pros of Kumoten are fast shipping with just just one to three days only. Next, orders from Kumoten are automatically fulfilled when using Kumoten’s integrations. Kumoten is more or less designed for dropshippers who want to sell products on either Lazada or Shopee.





eSources is one of the most experienced dropshipping supplier directories. It’s a bit old-fashioned, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great tool for finding dropshipping suppliers from Malaysia. More than half of the eSources supplier directory consists of UK wholesalers, but it also contains 12 Malaysian dropshipping suppliers. eSources suppliers offer products in various niches, like car accessories, office furniture, and eye care.

The Pros of eSources are it allows client to find Malaysian suppliers for a small fee and eSources does not contain middleman dropshipping suppliers. eSources tries to prevent adding suppliers to their directory that resell someone else’s products. eSources has a free plan, but it only lets client see a restricted part of the database, which means client won’t be able to contact every supplier.




Kime is a Malaysian dropshipping supplier in the fashion niche. Kime provide all sorts of fashion items like school uniforms, shoes and Muslim wear. Kime is actually an online store, but Kime also have a program for dropshippers who want to resell their products.

The nice thing is that Kime works with a structure that will give you increasingly higher discounts the more orders you have per month. The advantages using Kime are free to use, advanced features and sourcing services.


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