The Best 5 Wholesalers and Distribution Companies in Malaysia

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One of the major setbacks for start-ups, especially in the manufacturing sector is finding the right distributors for their new products. In the majority of industrial markets, distributors and agents may be the primary factor in the success or failure of a firm. Many distribution companies have been established in order to handle distribution for diverse companies.



Fevermore is a healthcare and beauty products company located in Kuala Lumpur. There have many products such as D-Vine Collagen, Spiro, Liveon, Tiger Milk King and Erojan. Their 2020’s top-selling product which is Tiger Milk King. It effectively boost healthy lungs with Tigrox Tiger Milk King, a mushroom extract! protects the body’s initial line of defence, bolsters the respiratory system, and stabilises breathing!


First Food Distribution (M)



First Food Distribution (M) Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 2002. First Food Distribution (M) Sdn Bhd is committed to supplying the customers with the most comprehensive range of food supplies in the market. First Food key personnel have had more than 20 years of valuable experience in the industry. Currently First Food distribute and supplies to Food Services Institutions, Bakery Shop, Food Manufacturers, Retailers, Wholesalers, Hypermarkets and Supermarkets.

The Company offers more than 1000 different products in both retail as well as catering packs. Covering East and West Malaysia. First Food aim to provide food supplies at an affordable price while maintaining quality service the customers can count on. Some of the First Food products are bakery ingredients, beverages, biscuits and fruits.


KWS Distribution Sdn Bhd


KWS Distribution Sdn Bhd was established in 2012 and within a short time frame has become one of the leading distributors involved in marketing innovative technology products and accessories in Malaysia and Singapore. KWS Distribution provide high quality products and services that meet the expectations of the business partners and individual customers. KWS Distribution have distributed the products to more than hundreds retail partners throughout Malaysia.

With a highly focused marketing strategy, KWS Distribution are able to bring the best returns on the investments and give the best value for the dealers and customers. The company are also proud to be the authorized distributor in Malaysia for some of the leading brands globally, such as Moshi, OtterBox, Elementcase, PanzerGlass and Lifeproof.


Delfi Marketing Sdn Bhd


Delfi Marketing Sdn Bhd was established in 1973, and was fully acquired by Delfi Limited in 2006 which is a listed company at Singapore Stock Exchange in 2004. The company started as a trading division then took part as a FMCG distributor in a variety of manufactured goods and merchandise to it is local market. Delfi Marketing Sdn Bhd has the greatest platform in distributing consumer and pharmaceutical products.

Delfi Marketing company represents many international and domestic brands in Malaysia. Besides being involved in the marketing, sales and distribution of the Delfi brand of chocolates, the company expands the line of brands product portfolio within the desired market to third-party chocolates and confectioneries, pharmaceutical goods, consumer goods, veterinary products and personal healthcare products.


Lein Hing Enterprise Sdn Bhd


For over 3 decades Lein Hing Enterprise have build an impressive geo-demographic knowledge base about local market conditions in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, and in recent years have recently expanded to North Malaysia. Lein Hing have also developed an extensive network of similar distributors across the whole of Malaysia in order to provide the clients with access to any market in Malaysia.

Lein Hing broad client base includes international giants such as Godfrey Phillips, Mondelez International, Reckitt Benckiser, Mandom and Danone Dumex. Besides helping international firms achieve a strong presence in Malaysia, Lein Hing also contribute to the local industry by offering promising local players route-to-market knowledge, sales expertise, network and industry goodwill in an effort to help them realise their potential. Lein Hing primary focus is on delivering Best-in-Class implementation of the principals’ strategies into the market.


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