List of The Top 3 Wholesale Stores in Kuala Lumpur

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Malaysia is an important steel producer and exporter in Southeast Asia. There are many steel plants in Malaysia, but the scale is generally small. The steel products in Malaysia are mainly steel bars and steel wire rods. In recent years, domestic small-scale steel production capacity has increased, and the number of imports has decreased significantly.


Pasaraya CS



Pasaraya CS or known as CS Brothers Sdn Bhd is a retail company in Malaysia that sells general merchandise and groceries. Pasaraya CS have various retail stores in Selangor and Negeri Sembilan. Now, Pasaraya CS are a supermarket and are extremely popular among the people in Cheras, Selangor. In addition to selling general groceries, Pasaraya CS also have a concept area that concentrates on wholesales with a concept of selling wholesale prices for the daily retail customers.

Fresh vegetables and other general wet market products are deem the most popular. During promotion period especially during festival seasons, Pasaraya CS will actually sell their products at least 10% lower than the other hypermarkets such as AEON BIG and GIANT. Shopping at Pasaraya CS is very convenient and parking is free and this supermarket have a daily stock ups for fresh products and it is hassle free.



Pasar Raya Borong NSK



Ever since GST is applied, a lot of people tends to look down a bit more in searching for places that selling cheap and quality products. There are lots of big grocery stores available here such as Lotus, Giant and Carrefour but the local ones are should not underestimate as well. Pasar Raya Borong NSK has been the favorite spot among most people for months.

Some of the products that are selling at Pasar Raya Borong NSK are cheap. But, some of other certain stuff are considered expensive such as the electronics and stationary. But for foods and beverages department, Pasar Raya Borong NSK surely got lot to offer for the customers. Pasar Raya Borong NSK is known for being cheap, fresh and in good condition. Most of the customers are satisfied on what the store has provide.



88SP Mart



88SP Mart is known for its frozen ingredients, Chee Cheong Fun, as well as groceries. Going inside the store, customers will notice one section is specially for frozen ingredients and another section is for other wholesale seasoning ingredients and raw materials sold which are very suitable for local food traders around that area or hawkers. Various types of cold storage are also sold at this mart are affordable prices and it is convenient too since it is located within the housing area.

88SP Mart is not very easy for customers to find but customers can get it done. Apparently, 88SP Mart convenience store was founded by the rice noodle rolls manufacturer family and this family business can be tracked as far as 1978. Staffs at 88SP Mart are very helpful and if customers need to find some ingredients, customers can always ask the staff there.


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